Seatback Graffiti Lyrics

Key to the City

Calling you from an outpost
On the edge of the seventh circle
Wish that I could tell you the news is good
The burning city drove me
First, to my knees
Then, to the border
I took a chance in hell and slipped under the rope

No fear allayed
It’s any other day

I’ve seen love that’s been pushed too far
I’ve seen love pushed over
I’ve seen the oldest war take the youngest soul
Come on now, speak up loud
This line won’t last long
Soon the fire will find the road I’m on

No fear allayed
It’s any other day

I don’t need the key to the city
give me The Sea of Tranquility
I don’t need the key to the city
Give me the sea

And sail me away
Give me any other day

About to Change

Don’t look now, don’t look down
But everything’s about to change
You’re a beautiful wreck these days
You can’t expect to stay that way

Dorina drove me halfway home
I kept an eye out on her blind side
Riding away from a day
That’s given you the right of way

The lonely mountain slowly melts
And sends itself out into the swollen sea

I’ll be your friend, I’ll be your twin
Just pretend that you are listening to me
No rushing river full of rage
Is full enough to stay that way

Don’t look now, don’t look down
But everything’s about to change

The Leaning Life

Watching the dust of the day settle in a sunray
Sitting on a one-way curb
Briefcase unbound from your hand
Feeling like a new man
Better than the one you were

It was something good to give in to
The dizzy feeling from the big view

You told them that they could keep those
Ones and zeroes
‘Cos they’re not alive
Not like the tempting dive
Breathing up against the window
Of the leaning life

Like something good to give in to
The dizzy feeling from the big view
Something good to give in to
Something good- you knew you would be here

Watching the people walk by
Thought you caught an omen
In an old man’s eye
It looked like the dust of the day
Swirling in a sunray, rising up to the sky

Like something good to believe in
No one else could even see him
Something good to believe in
Something good- he knew you would be here


I was a witness to a watermark moon
A cold blue eye over Arizona
Looking down on red Sedona
Burning below

Oh and here I go again
Wearing out the wings of my guardian
She won’t let me descend tonight

I made new plans
In between the stars and the sand
Over that canyon country
A sneaky angel arsonist
Was lighting me up like desert brush in the wind

And then I was gone again
Wearing out the wings of my guardian
When she speaks to me
I’d be crazy, crazy not to believe

I must admit
I felt a little bit lost out there
It felt a little like nowhere
But this energy keeps finding me
Turning my blood into mercury
And then I’m gone…

Motion Makes Us

Here we are now, you and me
Shuffling our history away
We let it gracefully glide right through our hands
I don’t have the time to miss
A name I knew, a face I kissed
Moving at a speed like this
The real thing never lands

And you can prove it any way you want to
Walk to me, or run to anyone

I’m taking notes right on my skin
The words won’t wash, they sink right in
They tattoo me with where I’ve been
And tell me where to go

Every movement, ever motion makes us
Builds us up and breaks us
We’re never done

If no one ever told you this was true
Baby, this is why I’m telling you to tell everyone

Here we are now, born to bliss
Burdened only by our gifts
Priveleged to live like this
No more fist than soul
And I am not a faithless man
Shame on you if you say I am
I put my heart right in your hands
I let you take control
Come on, you have control

And you can use it any way you want to
Crawl to me, or run to anyone
Every movement, every motion make us
Builds us up, then breaks us
We’re never done

Meteor Shower

Staring up into the meteor shower
An hour of spitfire sky
All my hopes were falling and burning alive

Oh, you were nowhere to hold

That night was so cold
The frost wouldn’t yield
From the windshield of the car
And every bartender in the city was drinking
Keeping each other warm

Oh, you were nowhere to hold

I was ready to reach, I was ready to fold

Staring up into the meteor shower
The merciful flash and fade
Somewhere sky was falling, but there I was safe

Everything Must Go

The future came at the wrong time
I was just about to find my way
Just about to find my way
Find my way, my way in this world

It’s ‘Be propelled or else be prepared to be pushed’
It may as well be the law
It may as well be written up there upon the wall

I used to run around, getting up in people’s faces
I can’t believe it now
Who I was and some of the places I’ve been

The future came and crushed me flat
All my old predicitions- yeah, yeah
All my old religion- yeah, yeah
The future took care of all of that


I breathe between the beats
I know what the dreams mean
The stars on the ceiling light a continent below
You might move me, then lose me for a moment
You might not even know it when I go

All of these eloquent apologies
These accidental prophecies
The difference dissolves in a twirl of time
Think about how The West was wasted
And how the future tasted
When memory replaced it
Again and again, oh my

What a day’s work, peeling the night away
Revealing the story
Of a sleepwalker, sleeptalker
I don’t know where I go
Just don’t make me say, ‘I’m sorry’

How can anyone really relax
How can anyone really keep calm
When one little nerve reacts
And the whole world turns on
I breathe between the beats
I leave the sheets warm
You might lose me, but I won’t be gone

It’s all in a day’s work…


Once I followed your words like powerlines
Energy of infinite will
Chasing it I climbed high over peaks
Down creases of green
The treetops could not touch you then- only me

Now I just call and let it ring

I took a turn that felt wrong
Left my studies on the table
Joined a celebration raging
In the black belly of Babylon
Darkness into dawn, and all my work at restoration
Was overturned, undermined
I wonder why I never learn

Until I’m on the other side

Hey, I’m here calling your name
I’m here losing a day to fear
But I’m calling your name

If a color disappears- goes gray
And stays that way for years
And then one day, then one day
Shows up to shine
And paints a line between the laughter and the damage
A little test of trust could earn the understanding
And burn back to dust any evil we were planning
A little test of trust

I just call and let it ring…


You had a hunter’s heart
Full of Daddy’s blood
Your friends were fireeaters
Your friends played rough
You took it hard, you took your spills
Following daredevils, chasing their thrills

Some lovers leap and land on air
You weren’t a wirewalker
But you took the dare
Across a line of truth, across a line of trust
Following daredevils, chasing their lust

You never know who hears you
Talking to yourself, telling lies

You’ve got a missing heart
You’ve got no good leads
Your friends were fairweather
They just let you bleed
You hit the floor and you fell right through
Doing what daredevils told you to do
You can’t take more than love will give
Following daredevils right off the cliff

Following daredevils…


I swear I saw you walking down Meridian one day
You never even turned around, but I knew all the same
I ducked into a doorway, like escaping some hard rain

I’m not proud, but I’m not ashamed

I remember your confession on a night of frozen stars
As we sat and spoke in our hats and coats
Through the smoke of The Pioneer Bar
We shared a flair for disaster
And a knack for cracking up
You said you were dying just to ask her
If she was already in love
I said, ‘Would it kill you more if you don’t, or if she was?’

You said, ‘I’m not proud, I’ll do what I must
Until it’s got me turning ’round again’

If that was you walking down Meridian that day
I’m sorry I didn’t find your face and tell you everything Eye to eye, dignified, if only just to say

I’m not proud, but I’m not ashamed

Destiny Collector

A destiny collector met her mystery man
He was everything she did not need
A would-be defector with a secret plan
So unready and full of fear
So she disappeared

He drove the tank dry trying to find that face
The one that would not leave his waking mind
Straight into distraction, giving fate good chase
Oh, but already, he was so far behind
Oh, he should have known the kind:

Perfect for a day, then it goes away

The best that he could do was to foget what he’d done
So he figured he should get some rest
But closing his eyes would only make the dreams come
Slow and steady like a flood
Flowing over everything he was that was good

Thought he was killing time, but he just let it die
And now perfect for a day would be okay


Caught up in confusion
With the world around unravelling
All at the exclusion
Of all that I was battling
Hurdling the borders of my youth

I went North for truth, North for peace
For the proof of you, for the certainty

Searching for approval
Took me to you on my knees
Light danced in your pupil
With a duplicate of foolish me
Too much of my time I’ve tried
Bending that reflection
Too much of my life I’ve planned
Pending some perfection

Some direction for my velocity
I went North to find it was not just me
Everywhere and everyone
A breaking heart, a sinking sun
Waiting for the mercy of the morning to come

The gravity and grace of you
The force of faith invisible
Keep the would-be wayward in me
Bound to its reciprocal
My attempts at stubborness, born still
A tightening inside of me
Would not release until

I went North for truth, I went North for peace
For the proof of you, for the certainty
I flew to fall onto my knees
I flew to fall onto my knees

Black Coffee, White Christmas

Black coffee, white Christmas
You can count me missing again
Go on and visit your friends
I’m looking for old neighbors
But the neighborhood isn’t the same
They don’t know my name

I know every bus in this city
By the seatback graffiti
I could show you so much

Short temper, long winter
You can count on losing the first
While the other is cursed
Waiting for warm love
Oh the sweet stuff at the bottom of
Your bitter cup

Everybody knows how the story ends
The boat goes down, but the hero wins
I could show you so much more

Black coffee, ‘White Christmas’
Tell me, how does that melody know
When it’s ready to snow?