Horizon City Lyrics

Dumb Spark

In a tourist trap on the edge of a desert
I got a room, I burned the letters
Signed the last one ‘yours forever’

There’s a part of me that I won’t correct
It keeps me in these places
Pleas and graces don’t connect
Where all my friends are faithless

Whatever it was that I lost to your lips
Your hungry skin, and your kindness
Was all that I had
Wherever you keep the feeling behind
Our fumbling in the blindness
I hope you go back, I hope you go back

Canceled checks and overdrafts
A lover leaves, the other laughs
Ten years leave the taste of smoke
I can’t wait to get the joke

A dumb spark finds the fuel again
Lights an arc of innocence
Plans dependent on the past
Get the match and the hardest laughs

Whatever it was, it was all that I had
Wherever you are, I can’t go back


At the park on Kelly Street
They hold and hover, hold and hover
For the taste of something sweet
They hold and hover

Hummingbirds, hummingbirds

You come around, a crying cloud
Silver-lined and inside out
I tell you not to bottle up
You say, ‘let’s have a drink’
And I fill your cup

The derelicts at the Circle K
Hold and hover, hold and hover
Share a fix and fly away
For another

Firefly memories
Buzz and flicker, buzz and flicker
All you ever are to me
Is buzz and flicker
I’ll find a frame to freeze
And then that’s all you’ll be
When I remember

For the taste of something sweet
I am leaving Kelly Street

Hummingbirds, hummingbirds

Talking Out Of Turn

I saw you where you stood, I knew you should be with me
I just wanted to make my mouth speak for my heart
I wondered if you would go first and convince me
To share you with a world that tears a girl apart

If it needs to be simple, I can make it that way
You may not like the rules, but we both win if you play

Talking out of turn, I asked you for the name of
Your favorite little bar; you’d already told me twice
You jumped up in your big truck, made those Texas plates shake
Lit a smoke and left me choking on the night

You were fighting to be free of a pain in your past
I never got a chance to hear your history

I wish we were in my car, speaking nothing urgent
Watching the moon become a star, and the clouds, velvet curtains
Letting bridges burn, learning how to swim
Talking out of turn, letting love begin

Breakaway Move

One night after Valentine’s
Halloween’s still hanging on the walls
A ghost that wants back in crawls across my skin
While a sorry drunk takes his calls

And he’s got what it would take
To make a breakaway move
Out of body, out of state
If it takes him back to you

I know a girl, she can’t sleep alone
Stays up writing suicide poems
Everyone’s a fake as long as she’s awake
As long as she can keep me on the phone

And she’s got what it would take
To make a breakaway move
Out of danger, out of range
Oh and out of the blue she says,

‘Living without leaving is like winning without cheating
Something i just don?t know how to do’

These college town insomniacs
They’ll take you down, but they won’t take you back
Dirty business booms in little unlit rooms
Without the light you can’t see what you lack

But I’ve got what it would take
To make a breakaway move
I’m out of patience but I can wait
If it takes me back to you


There is a field beyond the apple tree bird-bustle air
We drew there with such short breath
And what’s next?
Our faces, red from the race
Sweetness, the most I would taste

Flat on your back, flying in dreams
This is the way I see you today
You’re in mine all the time

I wage fits against immovable days now
Hours like bricks a wise hand lays
In the way of a child who won’t wait his turn
Of a child with so much to learn

Back to the field beyond the apple tree bird-bustle air
I knew there that this was the best
So what’s next?
Our faces, buried in bloom
Sweetness, nectar of nothing to do
Sweetness, nectar of nothing to do
Sweetness, yes

Sister Corrina

Sister Corrina, believe me this time
The snow on my screen was the virgin with child

She won’t come back now
She won’t come back

There’s frost on the fruit and the roots feel the change
I know you’ll never come back to this place

You won’t come back now
You won’t come back

Sun like the milk of a mothering sky
Followed you here and flowed over my life
I can’t bring it back, though I surely can try, and I try

Sister Corrina, I need you to know
My heart is of heaven, this world’s not my home

I won’t come back now
I won’t come back

The last time we spoke was the Fourth of July
We were watching those colors collide in the sky
You said the dark must believe in the light
Sister Corrina, I need you tonight

Horizon City

Stood up a woman in the California sun
Had a first thought that led to a second one
When I walked away I wanted to run

Closed down a bar in NYC last week
We couldn’t find the car so we took the 2:15
When we made that train I wanted to sing

I get lonely but it doesn?t last

Sat in with a band from SLC last night
I could hardly stand, I’d been driving since the light
But when the music got made I felt alright

I get lonely but it doesn?t last


All the pretty horses were saddled up for war
You caught my eye as I rode away
I never lied to you, love
Now I don?t know what for
Better be sure before you say,

‘Come along, there’s a place in a song we can go’
‘Don’t be scared, I’ll be there’ I say when I know I won’t

Avalon is flooding and blood is on the tide
The very one that brought me here saying,

‘?Come along, there?s a place in a song you can stay’
I was so wrong when I thought that you would wait
I thought that you would wait

I don’t know what to do with love when it’s in my palm
I want to sing it like a psalm, want to wrap you in its warmth
Shine it on your pillow, rock it back and forth
Find the house you were born in, leave it on the steps
Bury treasure in it, never to forget
Analyze its history, try to find our names
Add it up like hours till I’ve been with you for days
Save it up, spend it all
Answer with it when you call
Turn it like a locket key, set your pretty picture free
Be the soul it’s sent to save, ride it like an island wave
Ask it for the price to pay to leave paradise today
Pour it up for two, drink it till the dawn
But I crush it like a dead rose in a dying Avalon

To Feel Your Faith Again

When this tired war is over
I’ll be waiting where I’ve been
Rest your eyes, find my shoulder
All I want is to let you in

It would feel so good, feel so good
It would feel so good, I know it would
It would feel so good to feel your faith again

This cold world will get much colder
Some will seek the other side
But this old world, it will get much older
So I’ll keep waiting for you tonight

It would feel so good…

Let It Out

Coffee stain on a power bill, up and full of fight
Waiting for a message from the warm end of the night:

‘Come inside, come inside
Come inside and let it out’

Every guilty glance I shot across the great divide
Put the devil in you, then you taught him how to hide

Come inside, come inside
Come inside and let it out

You say, ‘how will I know if what you’re saying is true?
Are you ready to do this now?’

The bleeding’s over, the pressure’s been applied
Why stay up all night digging for some thing that never died?

Come inside, come inside, come inside

This was written in the scars and not the stars above
But permanence is power when the pain makes way for love

Voodoo Bruise

Good, good, good used to be good enough
Why so tough to satisfy now, friend?
I’m not making up that trouble you’re in

Turn your back
On love and you get
A chance to choose and a voodoo bruise
So think about it while
You’ve still got time to figure it out

Call on me one time, call on me two
Call me up and tell me- what can I do?
It might be much, but maybe this touch
Could pull you through

No, no, no
It’s not like it seems
They don’t pull you in, then push their pins
It’s been you, my friend
You’ve been turning all that trouble on them

I won’t say a word

Words, words, words
I’ve heard them all
Even still, I’ll wait until I hear from you now, friend
Before I sing a note again
I’m black and blue just like you’ve been

Smokestacks (By Patrick Sweany)


Where are you?
I’m in Ohio
The city I’m in was yours as a kid
As far as I know, as far as I know

You left a message for me
I saved it a year
I played it and waited
For you to reappear

Where are you?
I’m in Ohio

I like a punk girl here
I like her dyed black hair
I like her threadbare t-shirt
I like her stained-glass stare

But she’s not you
You’re not in Ohio
Why should I care if you wonder where
Where did I go? where did I go?

Nothing here is mine

November blood
Is on the hunting fields
And I wish that I could know
How the hunted feels

I’m in Ohio

Trinity Highway

Trinity Highway
Send me on my way
River by the same name, roll around the bend
Take me to safety and make me whole again
Take me to safety and make me whole

What else can be done but to ride into the sun
When not a seed I planted came to grow?
When a whole year was revealed
To be a broken, fallow field?
Must be a million miles to go
Must be a million miles to go

Every mile of earth between me and her ancient aching core-
Man, I want ’em all; all I ever want is more
Guess I never really made a single sacrifice
Never put you first, never thought twice

But who else could it be when I stop to take that call?
I could look, but I already know
It’s that beautiful bridesmaid on a blue July Ohio day
Feels like a million miles ago
Feels like a million miles ago

Trinity Highway
Send me on my way