Press Quotes

“The (blues album) format allows Norsworthy to showcase his badass guitar playing, which is accompanied only by his equally strong voice and some foot tapping…If Zach Braff ever makes a follow-up to Garden State, Norsworthy’s intimate material would be a welcome addition to its soundtrack.” – Seattle Weekly

“Strange guitar tunings, intricate fretwork, harmonic punctuations and wispy fragments of broken chords accompanied a voice that was plaintive one moment, ethereal the next…Norsworthy’s brooding lyrical excursions into the undercurrents of love lost and found, cosmic compassion and social indifference underscore his intensely personal vision.” – Anchorage Daily News

“His dynamic acoustic guitar playing, expressive voice and thoughtful lyrics put him in an elite class of singer/songwriters who are engaging and provocative musicians, much more so than their merely pleasant-to-listen-to brethren.” – Las Cruces Sun-News

“…Stateside is gorgeous, with lush instrumentation highlighted by his intricate interlacing of fretwork, pedal steel, and cello. (Norsworthy) upends folk-rock conventions with a plaintive voice, playful phrasing, and strange guitar tunings that hark back to folk forebears like Nick Drake (but are also infused with the pop sensibilities of Nick Lowe).” – The Stranger

“He blends contemporary folk and rock styles while incorporating the voice of a beat poet, developing themes of young love, rambling, wrestling with the devil- the usual growing up and finding yourself stuff. But there is nothing mundane about the way the stories are told. Each song takes you on its own separate journey, with a clarity and presence that can reach across generations.” – The Victory Review

“It’s so nice to listen to a thoroughly intelligent bunch of songs. Singer and guitar player Andrew Norsworthy is a talented writer, enough that his songs would read just fine as poems on a page. Almost as refreshing: The former Anchorage boy’s new CD, Horizon City — set for official release early next year — is largely melody-driven. It shows off his knack for unexpected song structures. And it maintains a certain rawness without coming off as unpolished.” – Anchorage Daily News

“Norsworthy’s love of Simon & Garfunkel and Bob Dylan comes across vividly in his acoustic folk music, and the songs unfold like a series of vignettes reflecting his life experiences. He sings in a soft, breathy voice, bringing each story to life through his stark and visual words.” – The Big Takeover

“Norsworthy’s Stateside is one of the few CDs I have reviewed that will be placed in my permanent collection. Top honors, easily.”  Demorama

“This is what they play in the movie soundtrack when the protagonist moves into his new apartment with his girlfriend, and they’re running back and forth, excited and grinning. “Where are we gonna place this bowl?” they laugh, stumbling over boxes into one another’s arms.” – Three Imaginary Girls

From review of a duo performance with Jared Woods: “Andrew Norsworthy and Jared Woods present a show like no other. The passion with which they play their acoustic guitars thrusts you into a fury of emotional motivation, only to bring you back to an instant calm where the lyrics leave you in a haze of personal memories, easy to relate to and all too familiar. Everything about this duo is fine tuned to perfection – their vocal harmonies, the key changes, the tempo, the dynamics. These two are true musicians, living it, breathing it and on a seemingly never-ending tour to share it. This is their life.” –